Privacy policy

Privacy policy

What User Data We Collect
When you visit the website and leave an enquiry, we may collect the following data:
Your name, telephone number and email address.

Please do not include any additional information unnecessarily. We can
communicate your enquiry via email or by telephone appointment until such time our service is no longer needed. We do not store your information
electronically. We do not collect your data.

2 Hearts Health Care Limited is committed to securing your data which remains
confidential. We will not store your data as a commitment to you and for reasons of
securing the information you provide to prevent against data theft.

Our Cookie Policy:
We do not use cookies. We do not maintain your data for any purposes other than to
answer your enquiry. Your contact details will be held on file only if you book an
appointment and your booking is confirmed and then only until such time your
appointment is complete.

Links to Other websites:
Our website does not contain links to other websites.

Restricting the use of your personal data:
You may wish to restrict the use of your personal data. For your online security we
do not record your data for any reason other than to respond to your enquiry and to
communicate with you ahead of your appointment. On completion of your
appointment only your contact details that you provided are stored.

2 Hearts Health Care Limited will not lease, sell or distribute your personal information to
any third parties unless we have your permission. Where we are unable to
communicate with you direct for permissions we might do so if the law forces us.